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The E-Book Bundle
Jin's spiritual and self-help books offer all you need to obtain the kind of life you always wanted through simply emulating the universe's harmony generating ways!
Gain Great Wisdom!
Learn How the Universe Works!
Learn How Your Life Relates to Nature!
Become More Spiritual and Gain Meaning!
E-Book - Centerlife - Happiness by Design
Use the Power of Centers to Live a Great Life!
Improve All Aspects of Your LIfe
Become Healthier, More Emotionally Stable, and Happier
Become Wiser
Get Closer to the Divine
Learn Steps to Become Enlightened
E-Book - Awaken - A Personal Journey of Enlightenment
Gain Deep Insights to the Process of Awakening
Understand How the Experience Feels and the Benefits
EBook - Heart of the Universe
Journey to the Heart of the Universe and Back!
Gain Deep Metaphysical Insights to Existence
See How Your Life Fits Into the Jigsaw Puzzle of Being
Walk with Jin on His Discovery of the Mysteries of the Universe!
EBook - Heart of the Gold
Learn to Fill Your Heart and Life With Gold and Witness Your Life Satisfaction Soar!
Learn How the Universe Creates With Purity at Its Cores
Learn How the Purity in Your Heart Creates
Discover Techniques to Reconnect with Your Heart