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Centerlife – Happiness by Design

Centerlife is Jin’s latest book showing readers how order and harmony spontaneously arise in both nature and their lives.

Like nature, Centerlife creates beautiful lives through nurturing and purifying the centers of our lives. Use Centerlife to improve your life, learn about nature, and get closer to the divine!

The book is rooted on Jin’s on-line life practice “Centerlife” ( which is based on embedding nature’s harmony generating wisdom in lives.


If you have ever wondered what awakening 'feels' like and how to obtain it, this wonderful book is for you!

In Awaken author Jin Nua describes his personal journey of enlightenment in the most intimate and tangible means possible. A beautiful adventure beginning in Yellowstone National Park and ending in Thailand where Jin experienced a profound spiritual transformation in which his vision sharpened, his creativity exploded, and his mind was figuratively ‘set free’.

Describing his transformation as the “holy grail of human experience –the universe’s greatest gift”; Jin outlines his journey and the methods readers might use to attain higher planes of being.

Heart of the Universe

Heart of the Universe takes readers on a magnificent journey to the heart of the universe and back. Written in the structure of a Platonian dialogue, this philosophical tour de force reflects the author’s 15-year journey of discovery, while at the same time presenting all of Centerpath’s key ideas.

Heart of the Universe provides an accessible peek into the complex concepts of order, symmetry, and the universe’s creative force—and how our lives are tied to nature, the cosmos, and the divine.

Seven Paths to Power

Seven Paths to Power is a collection of Centerpath short stories outlining nature’s awesome creative force and more specifically—how her creative process can guide our lives to higher planes.

Rooted in nature and her deep wisdoms, Sevens Paths shows how nature's wisdom applies to our lives; and how, through faithfully following her way, we might elevate our experience to the enchanted and possibly the divine.

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold is the perfect follow-up to Heart of the Universe, showing readers more specifically how the universe’s great creative force relates to their life and, just as importantly, how we can harness its power to uplift and enhance it. Readers will:

- Discover the genius of the universe’s creative process.
- Recognize how the creative forces shaping the universe are the same forces molding and shaping our lives.
- Learn how the universe generates harmony and how you can generate the same in their life.
- Grasp how important ‘beginnings’ are to all things that follow.
- Understand how cultivating strong ‘centers’ can directly translate to a more balanced life.

Centerpath Encyclopedia

The Centerpath Encyclopedia brings Centerpath’s ideas full circle showing readers how all elements of nature, the cosmos, our lives, and society are formed into the same center-oriented patterns.

Presented in an easy-to-read format accompanied by copious graphics, readers have been enthralled finding just how much their and mankind’s worlds are forged in the same patterns as those of nature.

The structure of its chapters demonstrates its breadth and excitement.

'Part I – The Patterns of Nature and Life' includes chapters entitled A Matter of Matter, Crystal Planet, The Cosmos, and Life’s Forms).

'Part II – Man’s Organizations' includes chapters on How People Group, How Infrastructure and Institutions are Shaped, and The Rhythm of Life

The Centerpath Papers

This 8-part series introduces the Center Organizing Principle and how nature relates to our lives. The papers are revolutionary in their vision, spanning diverse topics such as creation, the notion of a universal fractal, holistic systems, how language and our minds work, and much more.

The Centerpath Papers include the following chapters/topics:
- The Center Organizing Principle
- Centers
- Centerpatterns
- Centerevents
- The Universal Fractal
- The Center Organizing Principle of Language
- The Center Organizing Principle of - Holistic Systems
- The Center Organizing Principle of Mind

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