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Q: What is NaturePath?

A: NaturePath is a program that shows you how nature works such that you can build a connection with something larger than yourself, and thereby build your spirituality

Q: What is the Basic Idea of NaturePath?

A: NaturePath shows how the the cosmos and nature are structured and work! It shows how the universe creates, the centers that drive it, and the 'center-oriented' patterns that result therefrom. It provides the first detailed method to closely connect with nature and thereby grow one's spirituality

Q: Why is NaturePath Important?

A: NaturePath is exceedingly important because it shows how the patterns of our lives match those of nature, and through recognizing these connections we can uplift our lives. NaturePath’s teachings begin by developing a deeper understanding of nature and her many wisdoms. We see the connections uniting all things and how our lives are inextricably linked to her designs. Not only, NaturePath teaches how nature’s creative force shapes our lives and how capitalizing on this knowledge we can improve our experience of it.

Q: What was Your Inspiration for NaturePath?

A: Simply—nature. Following on from my transformative spiritual experience in 1998, I quickly came to realize the only way to better understand being was to study nature and her many creations. So I walked every chance I could, studying her patterns, orderliness, and riotous beauties. Over a decade later I was finally able to begin making sense out of her dynamics, the results of which is NaturePath .

Q: Where Did You Develop NaturePath’s Ideas?

A: NaturePath’s ideas first arose living on a beach in Thailand. I believe living in Thailand contributed to NaturePath’s development in two ways. The first was the creative effects from living amongst the lush natural beauty of southern Thailand. Big beautiful skies and exotic trees, plants, and bugs all contributed to my newfound awe of nature and a desire to make sense of it. The other main factor was the positive effects Thai culture has on expansive thinking. Whereas Western culture tends to restrict discussion (I call it the ‘no’ culture), Thai culture is more open and accepting. Most don’t fully appreciate just how much this opens up one’s mind to further possibilities.

Q: Are NaturePath and NatureSpeaks related?

A: Yes, NaturePath establishes how nature works and how to study and connect with her--and thereby grow your spirituality. NatureSpeaks takes it to the next natural level using Naturepath as a springboard to dwell deeply into the heart of being and the universe. If Naturepath is equivalent to a Master's Degree, NatureSpeaks is a Ph D!

Q: What is the Basic Idea of NatureSpeaks?

A: NatureSpeaks presents over 55 deep dives into the very heart of nature and her abundant wisdoms, as well as how they apply to our lives. Through describing what her various patterns, elements, processes, and qualities convey to us, seekers discover details of life, being, and spiritual connection they always wondered over, but could never find the answers to.

Q: How Can I Get Started?

A: NaturePath is a program that shows you how nature works such that you can build a connection with something larger than yourself, and thereby build your spirituality
A: NaturePath’s wide ranging subjects offer many avenues of exploration for those seeking to better understand the world and improve their lives. Luckily I’ve developed a substantial amount of content that will aid people in quickly familiarizing themselves with NaturePath and begin improving their lives. Probably the easiest place to start is my thru my courses (see the Store link above)

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