Discover the Mysteries of Life and Being...Thru NaturePath!

NaturePath's formulization reflects the structure and processes of the universe. Thus, it's no surprise it's template can be applied to it's greatest mysteries!

Check out the links below to find out how!

The Meaning of Life

A delightful Q & A with Jin that reveals how the universe is ordered, how we're related to nature, and how we should think about and approach life. If you want to get your arms around life and what it means, check out this powerful video.

The History of the Universe

Come along for the greatest journey ever! From the big bang to today; this VDO takes a look at how the universe's elements formed and evolved --and all so from the same center-oriented pattern! This VDO teaches much about the universe, the unity of all things, and our close relationship to nature.

A NaturePath Hymn

Recite this Centerlife hymn to foster your feelings of belongedness and connectivity.

Do We Have a Soul?

Science says we don’t have a soul. Centerpath believes otherwise. In fact because all things have a center –who’s to say we don’t have a soul at the center of our being?

At the Heart of All Things..

Reconnect with your inner core...thru Centerpath. Learn how thru recognizing nature's centers, you can reconnect with your true self...and possibly obtain higher awareness.

Are All Things Connected?

If you ever wondered if all things are connected, you can find the answer here! All things are indeed connected… through the common centers they share.

The Rhythm of the Universe

Discover the rhythm of the universe--and it's secrets, through examining waves!

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