A NaturePath Hymn

To foster feelings of wellbeing and help reaffirm your new NaturePath practices, recite this hymn on a regular basis.

  • The universe is good and right.
  • Her way is the way of beauty and balance.
  • I am made from this universe.
  • I reflect her essence and way.
  • I am whole and complete...
  • ...balanced, beautiful, and pure at heart.
  • I recognize human spirit often strays from this one, true path.
  • I instead choose the right path.
  • I choose instead to uplift and enhance myself.
  • To follow the truth of the universe.
  • To walk a path of the heart.
  • I do this through paying homage to the universe.
  • By recognizing her way is pure, natural, and right.
  • I find my way by following a path to the center of all things.
  • To the place where truth, meaning, and the spirit reside.
  • By injecting purity and virtue into the centers of my life…
  • …I have naturally uplifted it.
  • …and have aligned my being with the great source.
  • ...The Great Creator
  • ...the infinite source of wisdom and energy at the heart of the universe.
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