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Nature Path


Naturepath provides the first detailed means to connect with nature and therein, grow one's spirituality. Naturepath goes far beyond simply immersing oneself in nature, such as with forest bathing. With Naturepath, you will learn how the universe creates, the centers that drive the process, and the consistently formed patterns that result. Naturepath is your gateway to more meaning, wisdom, and spiritual bliss in life!

"NaturePath Enables Developing a Deep Relationship With Nature"

NaturePath Teaches the Ways of the World!

How Nature Creates

The Role of Centers

How Harmony Arises

Nature's Balance

Her Wisdoms


In our fast-paced lives, we often forget our connection to nature. "NatureSpeaks - The Language of the Earth" invites you on a transformative journey back to our roots, fostering a profound connection with the natural world. Cultivating a vital communication with nature, a cornerstone for both our personal well-being and the health of our planet.

"Gleaning Nature's Wisdom is Key to Gaining Deep Meaning in Life"

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A crash course on integrating environmental awareness into our everyday lives. Ideally suited for spiritual seekers who love the natural world. Bahora takes the circle of life concept to a whole new level. Really enjoyed the upbeat tone of the presentation and the visuals were beautiful.

James Divine

The NaturePath course has accelerated not only my spiritual life but all of my life. One connection leads to another I am over joyed.

Kathleen Basoff

I walk a lot in nature so the nature speaks worksheets will be a big help. I like the idea of understanding centers more to understand the center of us. Great insights into nature's connections to the human experience.

Buzz McGregor

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