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Paying Homage to Nature

From Jin's Journal in 1999

Pay homage. Sky, land, sea, and air—perfect harmony.

Easy to pass by without notice, or regard. Remember this delicate, unflinching rhythm took billions of years to unfold.

Don't look through, or around it; it is harmony, balance, terror, and softness balanced on the razor's edge of dramatic and chaotic change.

As we are always looking for the next best thing or thrill or rush, next time (instead) try walking outside your house and experiencing something like no other.

The Power of Common Touch

From Jin's Journal in 1999

Take a risk, cast a smile at someone and see how they react.

Go out on a limb, pay a compliment to others and watch them (drop) their defenses.

Pat someone gently on the shoulder and say “nice work” and watch them sign up for more.

Stop and take the time to help someone through a problem or uncertainty and watch them take pride in you (and what they accomplished).

Highlight those special things about your family members and watch them ‘up the ante’ with their returned (abundant) warmth.

The Source Refreshes

From Jin's Journal in 1999

If you lose your mood, energy, or perspective step outside (into nature) or talk to your kids or someone youthful.

It restores energy and peace. As though Mother Nature lullabies you back to tranquility.

Go back to where we all came and come from.

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