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Naturally......NaturePath and NatureSpeaks Both Emerged From Nature

Jin's Story

An Epic Tale of Awakening, Nature, and Applying Her Wisdom to Our Lives

NaturePath and NatureSpeaks are entirely based on Jin’s profound observations of the natural world following a spiritual awakening in 1998, compelling Jin to delve deeper into understanding the universe, how it works, and humanity's position within it.

What he uncovered is that the universe is governed by a profound creative force, rooted in pure and potent centers that shape and sculpt all things into orderly center-oriented configurations as well as ones imbued with the qualities of beauty, balance, and harmony.

This great creative force, encapsulated in Jin’s metaphysical formulation named Centerpath, serves as the foundation for both NaturePath and NatureSpeaks.

Jin aspires that you find great solace in realizing that a unified process and patterns underlie all aspects of nature and our lives. By forging a deep connection with nature, he believes you can elevate your spirituality to levels you never imagined attainable.

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