Nature's Law of Creation

Nature uses a simple yet ingenious creative process to create the orderly and harmonious-like devices we see streaming throughout the universe...including your life!

Act I: A Center Forms

Nature’s creative force begins with a first act of creation –the spontaneous formation of a center……...Such an event might be the formation of a gravitational center that ultimately becomes a planet or sun, a street performer raising his voice to draw attention in a crowd, an epiphany like experience that grows into an entire philosophy, or the originating spark of interest that united two lovers as one.

Act II: A Field Forms

The newly formed center radiates mostly invisible ‘fields’ (Centerfields) deeply into the space surrounding them. We’re all familiar with Centerfields in nature. They’re the ‘force-fields’ associated with gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces. They also apply to human activities such as with the fields of sight, sound, smell, information, action, and love.

Act III: A Creation Takes Hold

But no matter the type of field the outcome is always similarly the same. The field conditions the surrounding space –distorting and shaping it into a 3D well-shaped form about it which through their causing “like” things in its surroundings (electrons, entities, peoples, parts, etc.) to stir, shake, move, react to, and align inward towards the object at the bottom of the well...…..Overtime the overall process shaping a group of ‘like’ parts into a larger, coherent overall ‘whole’ form about its originating center (the overall shape of the whole in fact mimics the form of the invisible fields underlying them)...…..Each and every such creation ultimately comprised of different composition and circumstances yet all sharing the same overall center skewed design about a single and central center –the place where they started and continue to grow and be perpetuated from.

A Universal Pattern

It’s no wonder the primary forms of nature are the center-oriented forms of spirals, circles, spheres, radials, clusters, and branching systems—all share an overall inward flowing shape—a natural result of the center-oriented dynamics that created the form...…...Centerpatterns come in practically any size, shape, texture, form, and function. Their shape underlies things the size of atoms and universes. Their parts can be as directly connected as the spokes of a wheel to its hub, or as loosely connected as nations of people about shared feelings of national pride. Their form can be as tightly bound as the crystals of a snowflake, or as loosely formed as ants circling an ant hill. Their boundaries can be as sharply defined as a property line or as loosely defined as the extended volume of air converging on your lungs.

Witness 'Center Acts' of Creation Everywhere

You can see spontaneous acts of creation everywhere around you. Your part of it when waiting in line, when everyone turns their head toward crashing dishes in a restaurant, or rubbernecks an accident along a highway (in all instances everyone is pointing to the same spot). You see it when players in a sporting match continually organize around the ball at their center, or when a group of strangers rush inward and encircle a superstar. It’s the moon spinning around our planet overhead and the yearly path our planet navigates around the sun. It’s what draws scores of animals and insects into flocks around their shared identity, and what unites entire societies of peoples about shared identities and purposes.

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