Harmony Thru Nature's Design

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Gain deep solace and meaning knowing we come from a universe whose modus operandi is to generate purity, beauty, balance, holism, and collaboration

Nature Builds Harmony thru Symmetry and Centers!

Nature Generates Harmony Thru a Center-Oriented Design

Centerlife is based on the simple premise that all of nature’s creations—including our lives, are organized about pure and powerful centers which, through the fields emanating from their surfaces, impart certain beneficial qualities upon the larger creation forming about them. These beneficial qualities include the qualities of beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaboration which naturally result from the inter-relational and geometric relationships generated by ‘center-oriented’ shapes of which the most basic output are halo or spherical forms.

Centers Produce Halo Shaped Forms

Centers produce halo-like forms as a natural result of the geometric outcome of the universe's great creative process (see the Center Ordering Principle for more details). In essence, the evenly radiating fields from centers create a halo-like well about them akin to a bowling ball in a trampoline. Except the trampoline analogy is only a 2D representation. In 3D, the outcome is a halo-like form.

Halos = Perfection and Holiness

The easiest way to visualize how centers spontaneously generate beneficial qualities is through considering the historical and spiritual significance of halos and spheres. For instance, spheres have long been recognized as the ideal form with their flawlessness, beauty, and perfection. Of course, these qualities lend themselves to the notions of perfection and divinity thus the use of halos in the art of mysticism and religion throughout time.

Centers = Symmetry and Beauty

Artists have long recognized the inherent beauty of spherical shapes. And science has caught up to this fact. Psychologists have found that people considered most beautiful are those with the most symmetric face. Beauty is indeed synonymous with symmetry.

Centers Generate Holism

The three hundred and sixty degree symmetry generated by center-oriented designs also imparts a certain balance and holism to nature’s creations. In fact, through the natural equilibrium generated by center-oriented designs; nature finds the organizational compactness, and stability it requires for its creations to sustain and endure themselves.

Centers Build Collaborative Relationships

Center-oriented dynamics also generate collaborative-type relationships. Through the simple act of bringing together sets of disassociated ‘parts’ about a common point, centers naturally cause things to join in larger, cooperative arrangements about a common point and/or purpose. Replace the phrase ‘common center’ with the words meaning, belief, or symbol and one can see the very bedrocks from which something like a ritual or a society could emerge.

Centers Define Character & Content

The fields emanating from the center emit a frequency specific to the center. These fields interact with their surrounding causing things of similar makeup to coalesce, circle about, move inward, connect with, or affix to the originating center. The net result is to create a larger, halo-shaped creation about, and of similar composition to, the originating center. In other words, the developing creation is comprised of the same makeup and character as the originating center. The created indeed reflects the creator. Thus, matter filled stars create matter filled solar systems, charged nucleons organize electrons into atoms, and greedy and selfish people create distorted and unhappy lives.

Centers Foster Pureness

Points of origin (i.e. centers) are generally quite small. For instance, intricately arranged snowflakes emerge from a single ‘seed’ water molecule. Massive stars begin from the sudden formation of a diminutive gravitational center. They’re also where entire philosophies emerge (which are from the initiating ideas that conceived them). Each of us also began from a small place—a single cell which ultimately became the fantastic organism we are today. The disposition to start things small brings with it a delightful result—tiny points of origin have a lower probability of being impure. Think about it—if you wanted to make something exceedingly pure you’d make it as diminutive as possible so it would have the smallest chance of possessing impurities—the smaller the better! Such favorable beginnings give all that follows the best chance to grow into something equally as pure, symmetric, and evenly arranged.

Bring Nature's Wisdom Back Into Your Life

To optimize nature’s harmony generating process in our lives, Centerlife emphasizes the necessity to instill as much purity and wholesomeness into all the centers of your life. This primarily refers to the beginning points of your life as well as the various physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers as reflected by our needs, wants, and desires.

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