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'Centerlife - Seven Paths to Happiness' Course

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Here's the Differences Between the Two Versions

You Have Two Versions You Can Choose From

  • There is no Difference Between the Lectures in Each Version (i.e. All the Lecture's Are Identical)
  • The Main Difference is How the Lectures Advance From One Lecture to the Next
  • Here's How the 'Lecture-by-Lecture' Version Works
  • ........Here You Must Manually Advance to the 'Next Lecture'
  • ........Attachments (if any) are Embedded Along With The Associated Lecture
  • Here's How the 'Continuous Play ' Version Works
  • ........Lectures Automatically Advance to the Next Lecture (thanks to the YouTube Playlist feature).
  • .............This Also Means There are no YouTube Ads at the End of Each Video
  • ........Attachments Are Downloaded From a Single Page (instead of being embedded with each lecture)
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