Your Perfect Mandala – Spheres and Circles

The smooth and flawless character of spheres speaks of the ultimate perfection. In fact, you see spheres (as halos) adorning paintings and sculptures of all religions because their flawless and perfect form is the only one that qualifies as holy.

The spherical sun also provides what is the ultimate symbol of the life giving force—in many ways the ideal Mandala. Buried deep in our psyches and that of all life forms, the sun defines the beginning and end of our day, fuels the entire food chain, and illuminates all aspects of our lives.

Your Perfection Mandala

Through spheres, see the ultimate perfection of the universe –in her stars, planets, drops of water, and atoms. See the same perfection that resides in your body, your mind, and your spirit. Take the opportunity to see how your life might be—once again full of symmetry, balance, and perfection—once you pack purity into the various centers of your being.


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