Special Offer - 7 Books & the 7 Paths Course

Here's How to Receive the Speical Offer

Special Limited Time Offer!

Here's How it Works!

Follow These Steps to Purchase the Books and Course at a Discount!

Purchase the Course

Here's How to Purchase the Books and Online Course

  • Click on the "Purchase the 7 Pack, Book Bundle Now" button below
  • You will then be redirected to my Gumroad site
  • Proceed to purchase the 'Centerlife Book Bundle (7 Pack)' for $20.24 on my Gumroad site
  • After we receive automatic confirmation of your purchase from Gumroad, you will be sent a link to the online course and the three kid's books
  • If you have any problems, send Jin an email at jinnua@jinnuablog.com
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