Keeping it Together

Clusters Demonstrate the Incredible Adaptability of Centers to Mold Nature and Our Lives!

Clusters are the catchall of all Centerpattern forms. They encompass all Centerpatterns that don’t fit neatly into other classifications such as spirals, radials, etc.

Cluster are the loosest of all Centerpath forms –literally only needing to form groups parts about a center. As the following Merriam Webster Dictionary definition indicates, clusters demonstrate a building or bunching up of like units; “a number of similar individuals that occur together”.

Clusters are reflected in the heavens as beautiful globular star clusters and the bunching of stars near a galaxy’s center. Here on earth it’s how we gather in spontaneous groups about street performers, the swarms of insects about sources of food or light sources, the grouping of players about a ball in team sports, the clustering of population densities near city centers, and how anti-bodies attack invading viruses and bacteria in our bodies.

Cluster Pie

When life feels uncertain, not right, out of place and the path forward unclear; remember how clusters (though seemingly loosely formed) still organize and bring, form, purpose and meaning to larger things.

Thus know that even thought things might not yet be clear, all things are happening for a reason and often times outside our control. Thus take some things on faith, gain strength in knowing you can’t control all things, and allow the various clusters of life to flow as they will and should.
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