Mandala Streams

A Potent NaturePath Poem to Start Your Day!

A Poem of Creation on the Centerpath

We live in a stream of continual creation--in us, about us, and through us. All guaranteed by an all perfecting Great Creator at the core of the universe! You are too a great creator, creating a great life once you learn to choose divine centers and walk an enchanted path to them!
  • seek the centers and patterns of creation; investigate; the center-oriented
  • a stream running from the mountains to the sea is her mandala…
  • a weeping willow hanging her branches in the clear running stream is her mandala….
  • a spinning galaxy and her glittering jewels are her majestic mandala….
  • thunderstorms, driftwood, crashing waves, good conversation, the evening feast, a walk with a beloved one, the seventh inning…. all of them on the mandala-rich centerpath.
  • man is the wildest creature…. he is a creator! he chooses his centers and the paths to them. but the path can be a labyrinthine. one without a centering mandala…
  • man? the creature created in the Creator’s image who strides the centerpath of creativity and creation.

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