Radiant Radials

Connect All the Elements of Your Life Via Radial Wisdom!

Radial forms provide a great example of how all the ‘parts’ of a creation are connected to their center. This is because radials include a direct line connecting the parts and center like spokes on a bicycle wheel as the following Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition attests “radials are characterized by a divergence from a center”.

Radials are also wonderfully abundant in nature. For instance botanists consider that most known plant species (numbering over 300,000) have some degree of radial configuration speaking to their essential nature.

Other naturally occurring radial designs include roulette wheels, dartboards, the flow of goods from distribution hubs, innumerable jewelry designs, flowers, starfish, and Internet connectivity diagrams.

Direct Connect

Focus on a center and see how it connects all things. For instance, think how the words of a book all connect to its title and how nations of people are connected through the common symbols and rituals that unite us.

Now imagine your life with all its elements connected to you at its core. You now see it is you that chooses what enters into and ‘sticks’ to your life. Strengthen your connection to things that are good, right, and beautiful. Likewise weaken and sever your ties to those things that only bring pain, sorrow, or undue worry.

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