Reconnect with Your True essence and Release the Power of the Universe

To gain higher awareness and enlightenment—to gain the ultimate human achievement; you’ll need to reconnect with the great source residing at the core of your being. A magical spot, this place possesses the greatest treasures of the universe—infinite energy, creative fire, deep insights, spiritual awareness, and who you truly are.  Selfpath provides a roadmap to this essential point of being through a series of exercises designed to slow your life and allow it to migrate back to your inner core allowing you to once again live your life from the very source of your being.

  • The Main Goal of Selfpath: Reconnect with the Presence at Your Core
  • The Benefits of Selfpath: Deep Insight, Inner Calm, Creative Flare, Higher Purpose, Spiritual Awareness
  • What are the Centers of Selfpath? The Pure Essence at the Core of Your Being—Who You Truly Are
  • Path to Achieve Selfpath: Implement Practices to Cultivate a Spiritual Awakening
  • Selfpath Gem of Contemplation: Black Onyx

To obtain the ultimate personal experience in this lifetime you will need to reconnect with the pure and powerful center at the core of your being. This object, an exceedingly special object in the universe remains a mystery to science to this day. Some call it our soul; others believe it is God’s voice speaking through us. Whatever the name bestowed this blessed being, it’s connected to the source of all things and capable of drawing on its limitless power. It can only be described as a boundless well of immense wonder and greatness.

Thus, when you reconnect with it you open Pandora’s box of energies and potentialities bringing with it very real and tangible benefits. Consider the value of the following qualities you stand to gain.

  • The world will appear fresh and new.
  • You’ll feel great bliss from experiencing the world and learning new things.
  • Nature will become a limitless source of awe and inspiration.
  • You will come to realize that you don’t know everything. Surprisingly enough, you’ll appreciate this as a strength since it keeps you curious and draws us toward deeper understandings.
  • You will come to see and appreciate the interconnectivity of all things.
  • Your breadth of experience will expand above and below man’s layer of experience (i.e. you will be able to dive down into the hearts of atoms as well as soar across vast galaxies).
  • Your appreciation of great thoughts, art, literature, and music will become tangible and deeply heartfelt.
  • Your ability to express thoughts, art, literature, and music will expand tremendously (i.e., your creativity will become limitless).
  • Your ability to conceptualize and stitch larger ideas together will increase dramatically.
  • Your understanding of yourself and others will increase.
  • Spirituality will transform from a marketing slogan to a deeply felt emotion.
  • Your proximity to the divine will increase.
  • You stand to gain the highest levels of consciousness and awareness—i.e. enlightenment

General Spiritpath Practices

Your inner core is like all other things in the universe—it is packed with purity and incredible levels of energy. In nature, they form the funnels of tornados, the molten iron at the heart of our planet, the colossal supernovae explosion when a dying star implodes, and the squeezing of the entire contents of our universe into the size of two fists at the moment of the Big Bang. Thus as a stepping stone to beginning to fathom the power at the core of your being, you should learn about the power of centers in nature and the cosmos.

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