Spiraling Into Control

Learn to Balance Life With Spirals!

If nature had a mascot it would surely be spirals. Defined as “winding around a center or pole and gradually receding from or approaching it” (Merriam Webster Dictionary), spirals are ubiquitous in nature as sunflowers, shells, galaxies, a ram’s horn, crashing waves, the aerotora of the heart, and the ear’s cholera. The power of spirals extends beyond just geometric manifestations extending into emotions, the rates of growth and decay systems, and the ‘strange attractors’ in the new science of Chaos.

Spiral’s speak of time and space; beginnings and endings; and yet at the same time infinity. Their dualistic inward flowing lines cut space into two, equal yet ever converging spaces toward a singular and common center that anchors and completes the form. The theoretical property of endlessly spiraling forever inward (toward a center that’s never attained) speaks of the mystery and intrigue surrounding centers as well as infinity and the attendant possibilities.

It’s possibly no surprise the centers residing at the heart of spirals pack some of the most powerful, incredible, and complex phenomena of the universe being the mind-boggling black holes at the center of galaxies, the complex DNA at core of cell, and the powerful yet calm eye of hurricanes.

Spiral Into Control

All of lives journeys –big and small, of utmost significance and of seeming insignificant reflect the shape of spirals. An ever tightening, focusing, and convergence toward a goal, end, or objective at its center. And like life, the spiral continuously adjusts its course between two opposing areas on either side of its central line. As is the focus of Buddhism, concentrate on walking this middle road in all your journeys such that your passage, and outcome are balanced and even.

Now look at the whole of the form. See the mighty storm raging about the hurricanes calm center. Now see you as the tranquil source at the center of your life. The one that projects calm only through having true wisdom. Installing trust, inspiration, admiration in others. Guide the storm to calmer waters of peace, serenity, love, and compassion.

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