The Brawn of Branching

Learn How Branching Systems Dominate Nature and Much of Our Lives!

It’s little surprise Buddha gained his awareness under the Bodhi tree. This is because residing in their sprawling geometry lays the answer to all the mysteries of the universe.

In fact, Nature fully capitalizes on the robust and efficient form of arterial branching systems in her many physical, biological, and manmade creations. Trees, leaves, lungs, veins, arteries, skeletal systems, roots, rivers, family trees, organizational charts, parking lots, computer ‘folder based’ directory systems, roads and highways, all fall within the definition of branching arterial systems as the following Merriam Webster Dictionary definition attests “a natural subdivision of a plant stem; especially a secondary shoot or stem (as a bough) arising from a main or center axis”.

Readily apparent in the form of branching is their dualistic nature—a characteristic dear to the universe. For across the tree’s center reside the dualistic upper branches and the lower. Forming a mirror image across the earth’s surface, these equal opposite counterparts complement one another with roots providing the anchor from which the upper portion can expand into space. The lower half providing the water and raw ingredients necessary for the upper half’s leaves to produce the necessary glucose (sugar) to grow the tree further upward and downward.

Through a tree’s seedling we’re also able to gain insights into the mysteries of beginnings and endings, and how they’re intimately tied together. Seedling are where trees begin and also the point when they reach their destiny which is when the next generation seedling forms—in many ways an ending or climax. When the seedling falls to the ground, it ‘returns to the source’ and perpetuates the cycle of life in the most splendid way.]

You a Great Tree

See yourself rooted in the ground. Strongly anchored, deeply grounded, and in touch with the world and reality.

Through your veins stream water and nutrients—rivers as mighty as the mightiest, distributing the nutrients necessary to sustain life to all corners of your body. Your various arterial branching shaped systems of bone, nerves, muscle, vein, and artery all working together to harmonize your body into a much greater whole that is you.

Now turn heavenward and feel the air and sunlight streaming through and into you like the leaves of a tree. In touch with what is divine and magical you are a sentinel being as light as the ether and as free and free-spirited as the air and heaven above.

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