Centerpatterns Connect All Things!

Study Pattern to Glean How All Things are Interconnected

Next time you are near a stream, stop for a moment and consider the sheer size of the larger creation it is connected to–and what connects it. For those living in the Midwest of the USA, this can indeed be a very large organism indeed.

I had this experience once when I was in Kansas when I could see the creek before me, all the creeks in the adjoining ten states, and the entirety of the Kansas, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers were not separate distinct objects but part of a much larger single branching arterial ‘whole’ system that converged on its center at the mouth of the mighty Mississippi in New Orleans at the Gulf of Mexico!

A massive and dynamically formed organism which, left to the simple dynamics of earth, water, and gravity alone; spontaneously formed the same arterial shape at its countless scales—and each about a low point center.

Of course this shape also matches those trees, roots, lightning bolts, and rivers in nature but also numerous systems in our bodies (veins, arteries, skeletal systems, neurons, etc.) as well as man’s world such as family trees, organizational charts, parking lots, computer directory systems, and roads and highway systems. Each and all linked, connected, and organized through a core center.

See the connectivity in our lives through the larger connectivity of rivers and other branching systems! Check out the exciting VDO below to learn more on how centers connect us!
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