The Delightful Dance of Dualism!

Use Dualism Towards Better Understanding Nature and Life!

A truly phenomenal attribute of centers is their exploitation of duality. As you might be aware, dualism is the quality of the universe whereby things are accompanied by an equal and complementary opposite: for instance, sun and moon, night and day, waking and rest.

In centers we find that the use of duality to a whole new level of sophistication. Consider the male and female counterparts at the heart of a flower and family, neutrons and protons at the heart of atoms, left and right halves of DNA helixes in the nucleus of cells, the win-lose outcome of two-party elections, and the two hemispheres of our minds at the heart of our central nervous system.

The centers of most events are also peppered with dualistic-like conclusions and outcomes: for instance, wanting yes or no answers, ‘life or death’ situations, and “is it a boy or girl?”. It’s also evident in the twist of a joke’s punch line or a movie where unanticipated outcomes pack the biggest laughs and most lasting impressions. It’s when an equal-and-opposite exchange occurs such as with a handshake, eye contact, swapping business cards, or exchanging money for goods at the checkout counter.

I hope these ideas provide you with great new avenues to explore and contemplate your world and life!

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