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Greg's Ground Breaking Course on Acquiring What You Desire

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Law of Desire: Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want!

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  • All Seven of Jin's Wonderful E-Book's
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Jin's Seven Books (I.e., All of His Centerlife and Centerpath Books)

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Jin's books hold 'The Wisdom of the Universe' and incredible insights to build more spirituality, meaning, and bliss in your life!

Online Course - Law of Desire: Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want

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The first truly genuine and structured approach towards acquiring the things you need and desire.

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Jin’s kid’s books provide great insights to life and growing up. A true delight to parents and children alike!

"The Most Genuine and Practical Approach to Getting What You Want Out of Life"

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Here's What You Stand to Gain!

  • By the end of this course you will gain an effective and structured means to acquire what you desire via the Law of Desire worksheets
  • Bring the awe and pleasure of knowing back into your life once you learn how the universe creates and how you fit into her grand designs
  • Gain means to overcome the challenges we face when pursuing our dreams and desires
  • Understand the universe’s creative process and how to apply it in your life
  • Learn the importance of starting points towards creating an enchanted life
  • Learn how to better select and evaluate your choices and then, bring them into being
  • Methods to uncover your life’s mission, calling, and destiny
  • Simply become a happier and more fulfilled person!
  • The Law of Desire, The Secret, Manifesting, Intention, Vibration/Frequency, and Positive Thinking all wrapped up into one!

Here's What People Are Saying

The Reviews Say it All!

5/5 Star Rating - The part on overcoming flocking thoughts and million year memories was new to me. I also like the real life examples in lecture 2 and 4. It’s also neat to see how nature and our lives are so closely linked.

B McGreggor

5/5 Star Rating - This course was comprehensive and robust. Similar courses mostly focus on thinking exercises whereas this course was greatly detailed. It also has alot of terrfic graphics and handouts. I have not seen the degree of clarity on how creation works in nature and lifes before this.

Hemp Johnson

5/5 Star Rating - Very detailed and practical. This course is not only about manifesting, it is also about spirituality and how nature works. This course is thorough and requires participation, it is not just a simple set of buzz words to manifest. But I found the time worthwhile as I learned how creation works in nature and life, and ideas on how I might find my destiny. The desire worksheets came at a good time as I am thinking about opening a shop, a dream of mine. Now I have a clear idea on how to make my decision. All and all, this course takes focus and time but I appreciate the graphics, handouts and comprehensive content.

Shirley Johnson

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Described as one of today's most profound and insightful spiritual teacher, through Jin's teachings you stand to raise your spirituality to levels never imagined!

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