Wheels Within Wheels

Concentric Circles Demonstrate the Powerful Influence of Centers Over Their Surroundings

The first Centerpattern we marveled over as kids was likely concentric circles such as circles spreading away from rocks thrown in a pond or when counting a tree’s cross-section.

Other examples in nature include the growth pattern of teeth, various fruits and vegetables like onions, the shell like arrangement of electrons orbiting an atom, Mandalas, the shape of B-Z reactions in metabolic processes, the rings of Saturn, as well as the arrangement of seating rows in sporting arenas such as football stadiums. Their similarity of form across vast scales speaks to their universality and fractal dimensions.

Spreading the Waves of Your Life

See yourself at the center of the pond of your life. Wave after wave of energy flows from your outer surface as body language, expressions, actions, words, and sounds. The frequency of the waves spreading from you defining who you are as well as affecting and resonating with others whom cross your waters.

Imagine yourself as a source of good and great things –through your kindness, warmth, compassion, and spirit you generate and spread into your surroundings you create more of the same –a beautiful world with smiling faces, love, warm lasting memories, and an abundance of finer things.
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