Where Do You Stand? – ‘Quality of Life’ Questionnaire

Fill out the following questionnaire to gauge your level of knowledge, spiritual prowess, proximity to the divine, and happiness!

  1. Answer ‘Yes’ if you are relatively sure of your alignment to the question (something like an 80% assurance or better). If you are unsure and/or definitely want to learn more on the subject, answer ‘No’.
  2. To ensure best results be honest with yourself!
  3. After you complete the test, see the scoring guidelines at the bottom of the table.
  4. If you prefer, download the Questionnaire as a Word file instead: Centerlife Questionnaire.

The great news is that as you progress through 7 Pillars, you will have answer more and more questions with a ‘Yes’!

Itm No. Question

Answer (Yes or No)

1 Is your health as good as you would like it to be?
2 Do you feel your emotions are stable?
3 Do you recognize your heart when it’s speaking?
4 Overall, are your relationships with others strong and meaningful?
5 Do you feel your thoughts are largely controllable and positive?
6 Do you feel you are wise in the sense of possessing a larger, transcendental wisdom?
Do you feel spiritual and/or that spirituality is a part of your life?
8 Are you awakened and/or have you ever had moments of feeling awakened?
9 Do you understand how the universe works?
10  Are you aware of the common pattern underlying nature and life?
11 Do you recognize the unity all things share?
12 Do you experience harmony and awe in nature?
13 Do you believe that the universe is good?
14 Do you feel a sense of divinity when in nature?
15 Do you believe there is something greater than man?
16 Do you feel calm, at ease, and at peace?
17  Do you feel you know what life’s about and where your life is headed?
18 Do you feel closely connected with others?
19 Do you often doubt what you hear on TV is true or meaningful?
20 Do you believe there is more ‘out there’ to learn and experience?
21 Do you have at least a developed, conceptual idea of what the meaning of life is?
22 Do you feel like you are working towards and/or working to understand your life’s purpose?
23 Do you have a grasp of what your destiny is and are working toward it?
24 Are you fulfilled?
25 Are you happy?
  Total Yes’s =  
  Total No’s =  
Scoring Guidelines
All ‘Yes’ Answers – Great! You are a lucky soul and are likely enlightened. Please share your story with us!
20-24 “Yes” Answers – Very good! Your knowledge and experience of life are quite good. Centerlife can help you attain higher plateaus of being however you are well on your way to an enchanted living.
15-19 “Yes” Answers – Good! Your knowledge and experience of life are solid, and are likely living a happy life. Taking up Centerlife will likely assist you to raise your experience to ever-higher planes of understanding and bliss.
10-14 “Yes” Answers – Okay! Your understanding and experience of life are good however you have space for personal growth and spiritual development. Taking up Centerlife has the potential to transform your life in exciting and beautiful ways.
Less Than 10 “Yes” Answers – No worries here but if you have an interest to raise your knowledge and breadth of experience, Centerlife can open up many new doors of growth and excitement for you.

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